Mother Sri Lanka weeps | Sunday Observer

Mother Sri Lanka weeps

Oh! how could you people do this?
Look at the massacre you've done
You are to be punished in the nether world
Not in the Elyisum as you wished.
Some have died and
Some are wounded.
Some have lost their dear and near.
It is not a mere boo-boo
Tell me, how can I tolerate this carnage?
I am a mother.
I can't bear my children's deaths
I beg those who are responsible for this
Please try to understand the gospel truth.
Don't do this anymore, stop this.
My heart aches with a Titanic pain.
Why are you struggling as foes
You are all my children aren't you?
Are all the same
No one is high and no one is less
Understand that I treat you all in the same
What religion, what nation, what beliefs,
What culture, what colour...
Remember that though you have separated
The ruby veins inside you will reveal
That you are all the same
And are all siblings
Please understand.

Dulmi Mayodhya,
St. Thomas' Girls' High School,