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Vesak festival

The Vesak festival is held on the full moon Poya Day in May. It is a religious festival celebrated by the Buddhists all over the world. It signifies the birth of Prince Siddhartha, the enlightenment and the parinibbana (passing away) of the Buddha. It is called the Themagula. After seven days of Prince Siddhartha's birth, his mother Princess Yasodara Devi passed away. Vesak is a very colourful festival. Buddhists go to the temple and observe sil on this day. They offer flowers, light oil lamps to the Buddha. People decorate their houses with colourful Vesak lanterns. We can see colourful pandals (thoran) along the roads. Vesak Poya is a very important day to all the Buddhists.


H.A. Tharushi Navodya,

Grade 9,

Bamunugama MV,

Kamburupitiya, Matara.