Easter Sunday attacks: ‘Bring culprits to book’ | Sunday Observer

Easter Sunday attacks: ‘Bring culprits to book’

Issuing a statement following a plenary meeting held earlier in the month, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Sri Lanka (CBCSL) reviewed the situation three weeks after the Easter Sunday terror attacks.

“We are appreciative of the commitment of the security forces and the police to bring the situation under control. This effort has to go on until complete safety is assured. Normalcy cannot be restored until and unless the security of the people is guaranteed,” said a statement issued by CBCSL.

The bishops appreciated the prudent and restrained response demonstrated in the aftermath of the brutal attack, inspired by the supreme example of Jesus Christ.

“As people of one country we need to accept one another and respect the uniqueness of each religion, cherishing the religions we belong to. Inter religious harmony and peaceful co-existence has to be safeguarded at any cost to protect our island nation.

We have joined hands with the leaders of other religions appealing for justice which will pave the way towards reconciliation, peace and unity of our beloved nation,” the statement read.