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REV. SISTER PASCHEL FERNANDO of St. Joseph’s Convent,​ Thammita,​ Negombo,​ expired. Remains lie at St. Joseph’s Convent from Saturday 10.00 a.m. until 2.00 p.m. Sunday. Thereafter will be taken to Good Shepherd Convent,​ Bolawalana,​ Negombo. Mass on Sunday at 3.00 p.m. followed by burial.048050

FERNANDO - RANMALI (nee AMARASURIYA) - Beloved wife of Ravi,​ loving daughter of late Rukman and Anoma Amarasuriya,​ daughter-in-law of late James (P.J) & late Kamala Fernando,​ sister of late Nelum,​ sister-in-law of Gamini Kurukulasuriya,​ passed away peacefully. Remains lie at “The Restpect Home” by Jayaratne’s from today. Cremation on Sunday 19th at 10.30 a.m. at Borella Cemetery (New Crematorium).047088

FERNANDO - (Mrs) CHATHERINE (21st Nov. 1928 - 18th May 2019) - Wife of late Austin Fernando,​ mother of Kamini,​ Kamal (Formerly of Sri Lankan Airlines) and Priyani (Akbar Brothers Ltd),​ beloved grandmother of Dilrukshi,​ Anushka and Kapila,​ called to rest with Jesus. Cortege leaves residence on Monday 20th May 2019 at 4 p.m. for Rawatawatte Methodist Church for Service at 4.30 p.m. Burial will take place at 5 p.m. at the Moratuwa General Cemetery. Remains lie at 34/​36,​ Dharmaratne Avenue,​ Rawatawatte,​ Moratuwa.048091

HAJIYANI JIFFRIYA ABUBAKAR - Wife of Marhoom Al-Haj M.S.M. Abubakkar,​ daughter of Marhoom T.S. Deen and Marhooma Noor Jannah of (Thalapitiya Galle),​ sister of Marhoom Ahamed Deen (Deen Gold House),​ Marhoom Munawir Deen (Malaysia) and Mashoora Abubakar,​ beloved mother of Basima,​ Jamiya (USA),​ Shyla (USA),​ Sharmila (Canada),​ Fazlath,​ Nawra (KSA),​ mother-in-law of Imtiaz Zarrok,​ Faizal Nulair (USA),​ Rafi Nawfer (USA),​ Amjad Marikkar (Canada),​ Afeef Nulair (PNG),​ Zaffry Rizan (KSA),​ sister-in-law of A. Aboobucker,​ Firzana Ahamed,​ Naima Munawir (Malaysia). Janaza took place on Tuesday the 7th of May at Dehiwala Burial Ground. 158,​ "Hill Crescent”,​ off Hill Street,​ Dehiwala.047342

NAVANANDARAJAH THANGARANEE - Beloved wife of Navanandarajah,​​ Beloved mother of Rajashankar (Cargills),​​ loving daughter of late Appacutty and Subaithirai of Thirunel vey,​​ daughter-in-law of late Navaratnam and Nithiyaledchumy of Koddady,​​ mother-in-law of Vasuki,​​ loving sister of Kuganeswary,​​ Rajeswary,​​ late Rajaluxmy,​​ late Saraswathy,​​ late Selvaranee,​​ and late Pushparanee,​​ passed away peacefully. Remains lie at Jayaratne Funeral Parlour on 19th May 2019 from 8.00 a.m. Religious rites commence at 10.30 a.m. Cremation at 11.30 a.m. Hindu Section at Kanatte. Information: Navaratnam Navanandarajah (husband). 32-5/​​3,​​ Rohini Road,​​ Wellawatta.047899

TILLEKERATNE - ANTHONY NIHAL GORDON - Beloved son of late Eardley (E.M.G) and late Manonmani,​ loving brother of late Hiran. Remains will lie at A.F. Raymonds Funeral Parlour from 10 a.m. on Sunday,​ 19th May 2019. Cortege leaves the Parlour after service at 3 p.m. on same day for burial at General Cemetery,​ (R.C. Section) Kanatte.048092