Letters : SLC should do away with religious send-offs | Sunday Observer

Letters : SLC should do away with religious send-offs

Firstly let me thank the Sunday Observer for giving us a chance to voice ourselves although much has been talked about freedom of expression but very little done for the public to air their views.

I fully agree with the remarks made by A Cricket Fan from Moratuwa last week who expressed displeasure over the manner in which religion was being made a mockery of by those running the affairs of Sri Lanka Cricket by giving the team a “religious send off’ when there is no need for such a thing.

It is a very sad situation that religion is being exploited this way by almost everyone holding public office in the country and literally it is now hard to come across someone who is genuine about his or her religion in public conduct. One has only got to look at the corruption, violence, cheating, dishonesty and daylight robberies taking place in the country and here we have Sri Lanka Cricket pontificating religious values when the very people who impose such rituals need to first take a good look at themselves.

There is absolutely no need for Sri Lanka Cricket officials to poke religion down the throat of players most of whom come from religious upbringings and know when to pray, how to pray, where to pray and for what to pray and why to pray the way they wish and know is appropriate.

What Sri Lanka Cricket has been doing all these years is treating professional players like children at a Montessori class. It is time Sri Lanka Cricket stops this kind of “organised religious” activities. My appeal to Sri Lanka Cricket officials is to ensure religion is a private matter for the players to decide on in a way they wish or consider most appropriate.

Religion is not the responsibility of Sri Lanka Cricket officials. Their responsibility is to ensure fair play, team results on the field and a clean administration. If the players don’t have religious values it should only be a concern for them and their families they come from or their guardians or teachers.

KN Ekanayake, Battaramulla