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Sporting icons condemn extremism, violence

19 May, 2019

The sports fraternity has made a profound appeal that extremism in whatever form should be rooted out from the country while noting that the 30 year old civil war was the outcome of Black July 1983 and the very war was born out of the communal elements of terror.

Kumar Sangakkara: “Pause a little and think deeply before you open your eyes. If terror, racism, hatred and thuggery conquer, the country is lost to us all. As Sri Lankans we need to unite together in protecting our next door neighbour to the exclusion of narrow political agendas.”

Mahela Jayawardena: “If any person attempts at fishing in troubled waters, such an extremist wants nothing but destabilizing the country.

Dilantha Malagamuwa: “We want peace for the sake of our children and those yet to be born as well. It is time for people to act with circumspection dismissing communalism and religious fanaticism in the larger interests of the country.”

Angelo Mathews: “Many a precious life was lost to the country due to ethnic and religious conflicts. I appeal to all public-spirited people not to leave room for a repetition of 1983. We ought to share our ideals and protect our beloved motherland.”

Sanath Jayasuriya: “We have no other country except for this small, resplendent Sri Lanka. If terror raised its ugly head, it is we who will be its immediate victims. Decades of violence have taught us good lessons and as such we should not leave room for its recurrence”.

Dimuth Karunaratne: “With hatred towards everybody we will never realise our development priorities. Above all, you may think of your own children. Our future depends on your actions. ‘Always love thy neighbour’ and stand against communalism.”