A dark cloud | Sunday Observer

A dark cloud

A ‘dark-cloud’ was engulfed! Suddenly - On the victorious day of the Christ!
They seek God! Through carnage! Such mass ‘blood-stream’ produced
‘Common -grief’ to human beings
Though it was a mirage! -And against to Almighty’s commandments
Despite it; Was a ‘silver-line!’ in the cloud -The unity!is the gravity! against terror!
‘Our-faith!’ is in our heart! - It useless to showcases by cloth!
Through the criticism! Try to gain ‘steering-wheel’ by some of them
While the investigations and searching are carried out by the experienced ‘security-forces’
Thus their efforts! To be appreciated—Inspire! them by the ‘national-unity!’
Their courage is our relief! With peace - Truss them: They have ‘victorious-history!’
Let them to do ‘their-service’; - Without criticism!they try to eradicate! Such ‘dark-cloud’
The relevant ‘religious-leaders’ are frustrated -Though their endurance! Manifests;
The theory! Of their religion - listen! to them.
‘Interreligious-reconciliation’ is our local reinforcement! - which expressing to the world
To be needed new ‘technological -strategies’ - To dismantle! The plan of tragedies
Physical, mental, social restorations! - And rehabilitation! Are needed swiftly.
Be alert! Though intelligence! - Before talk! And make the decisions! 

- Merril A. Perera