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Noble Leader

Concluded the chain of birth
Never affiliate with it again
Prince Siddhartha was born
On a Vesak Full Moon Poya Day
At Lumbini
Under the blooming tree of Sala.
Converted himself to a priest
At the age of twenty nine
Forsaken royal behaviour
With hardships for the living
A long period of six years
Triumph and wisdom gained at Buddhagaya
Beneath the Bo-tree
On Vesak Full Moon Poya Day
How wonderful it is.
Those who took the Noble path
Taught by the Buddha
Were able to enter the Noble Nibbana
Leadership was taken over the Buddhist World
Eventually the Buddha said:
“Dhamma will take my place
When I’ll be out”
Beneath the Sala trees in Upawattana
Surrounded by Bhikkus and devotees
Advices even at the last moment
Vaya Dhamma Sankara
Appamadena Sampadetha
Rose lips were closed for ever.

- Kalabhushana Wijeratne Dahigamuwa