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Crowned Yovun Kumara and kumari | Their wishes came true

Whether you wish upon a star or wish on an eye lash and blow it away, wishes have a magical way of coming true. And so it was for Chamini Vihendra Siriwardena and Janidu Madhuwantha Dissanayake when they were crowned Yovuun Kumara and Yovun Kumari at the recently concluded YovunPura, 2019. It was organised by the National Youth Services Council (NYSC). held at uriyawewa in the Hambantota. It was a case of history repeating itself for Chamini as her mother had been crowned as the first Yovun Kumari. This young girl was naturally very happy and proud that she was able to repeat her ammi’s great achievement. Chamini is a third year student at the University of Fine Arts and is reading for a Special Degree in Music. Janidu is awaiting entry to the University having successfully completed his A/Levels in 2017 from Rajasinghe Maha Vidyalaya, Hanwella. Currently, he is following a course in Chartered Accountancy as well as a course in English.

It was amidst all this academic pursuits that these two youngsters headed for Yovun Pura 2019 at Weeravila, Hambantota. In fact, Chamini had to sit for exams just prior to departure for the camp and was rather weary but she made it. She was accompanied by one of her older sisters who was well prepared to dress her younger sister for the big day.

‘My ammi who was crowned Yovun Kumari 36 years ago and because of this she always made us participate in Yovun Awards contests. One of my sister’s sang in Sinhala, English and Tamil and won the three places in an All Island Yovun Awards contest. I too won the second place in an All Island Yovun Awards contest." Therefore, we have always had an association with the Yovun Samajaya (Youth Club).

Two NYSC officials, Mahinda and Kapila had encouraged Chamini to compete in the Yovun Kumari contest .By this time I had bagged the title of BakMahaKumariya at the BakMahaUlellas in the Moneragala District. "I became eligible to compete in the Yovun Kumariya contest after winning the district level competitions, she said. As she was following in her mother’s footsteps she had the family’s blessing to compete in the Yovun Kumariya contest.

It was the winner of the 2017 Yovun Kumaraya competition Kushan Iroshan who encouraged Janidu to participate in the 2019 Yovun Kumaraya competition.

“I competed with a good understanding of the competition “ Janidu said. However, not many people knew about my participation in this contest . I wanted to win and then let people know about it. I was very happy when I won as I had truly achieved my ambition.”

When it came to the actual contest Chamini could only think of her mother who had competed without any preparation.

During the first round the contestants were judged on personality, At the contest the contestants were judged on personality, looks, attire and similar features.

In the second round the contestants had to showcase some special talent. Chamini sang songs in Sinhala, Tamil, Hindi and English accompanying herself on guitar.

She felt very happy and emotional as the crown was placed on her head and again her mother came to her mind.

Chamini is the youngest in the family and has two older sisters and a brother, all of whom are employed. Her family is artistic and her father runs a kalayathanaya (Music academy) and has his own band.

As much as singing acting is also a passion with Chamini. When she was preparing for her A/Level exam she got an opportunity to act but as her only desire then was to gain entry to the University she declined to take up the offer. She is now ready to take to acting if a good opportunity comes her way.

Janidu is the eldest in his family and has two younger brothers Dinidu and Telindu who are still schooling. His father holds a Government job in the security sector while his mother devotes her time to family and home. Though his birthplace is Puwakpitiya, Janidu and his family now reside in Meepe, Padukka.

From his young days Janidu has been concerned about helping society. Under his leadership the Meepe Sunrise Sports Club became the Meepe Sunrise Yauvana Samajaya.He also gratefully acknowledges the support of NYSC officer, Chathura in the development of the Society and its members. Accordingly, Janidu became the President of Sunrise and also got the chance to serve as the Secretary of the Sports Unit in the Padukka District.

Janidu says “There are many evils in modern society. It creeps into the midst of youth groups too. The NYSC Yauwana Samajayas are there for the benefit of and the development of youth”.

“Even for youth who have been ostracized by society for some wrongdoing, these NYSC youth clubs offer great opportunities for rehabilitation and re-intergration into society. Older youth who have been members of these youth clubs and have experience help the younger whole hearted to develop and go forth in unity and brotherhood”.

With these views it is no wonder that Janidu hopes to enter politics and serve his country and people. In school he has represented the Students Parliament and was also the President of the Commerce Society. He feels that he will be given an opportunity to represent the Yovun Parliament.

Not only does Janidu have the above wide ranging interests he is also a musician. "Music is in my genes” said this enterprising youth. Recently, he and his friend Sanjaya Lakmal recorded a song, Sansariye on an audio CD and the lyrics were by both of them. The two friends are now doing the visuals. Janidu hopes to release a new song soon.

The 2019 Yovun Kuamra and Kumari are not only beautiful and handsome; they are intelligent, talented and versatile. A great combination indeed and one that is sure to stand them in good stead in life and take them to great heights.

Youth Observer wishes these two special youth Good Luck for a bright future!

Translated by Nira Dias