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Olu water in glass bottles soon

The producers of Olu Tropical Water has committed itself to use only using glass bottles for all new products, effectively discontinuing the PET packaged SKUs.

“An expensive yet necessary move, the change is in keeping with the company’s dedication to conserving Sri Lanka’s natural wealth and environment,” a company spokesman said.

A part of the Rockland Distilleries Group, Olu Tropical Water launched in 2015 with an initial product offering in 500 ml and 1000 ml PET packaging. Glass variants were eventually introduced in the years that followed. The Olu brand was an idea conceived by the PET Bottle Company (Pvt) Ltd, which was set up in 1991.

At the time of the company’s inception, PET was widely used worldwide for its economic benefit, convenience and durability. Studies at the time actually touted PET as a sustainable environmental alternative, unsuspecting of the long-term repercussions to come.

As science began to debunk this claim, awareness began to spread of the alarming extent of waste plastics and plastic particles choking oceans and landfills.

“Given the negative and irreversible effect of PET on the environment, Olu Tropical Water has shut down its PET bottling facility and discontinued its two PET based products, relying solely on the glass variants,” said General Manager Shalindri Malawana.

While the steeper prices of production and distribution spelled potential financial strain, the company decided to absorb any staff who would be made redundant due to the closure, into the larger Rockland Group of companies. The owning company also declared all PET bottle manufacturing machinery as dead assets and has now been renamed to Liquid Island (Pvt) Ltd., as a company committed to sustainable business practices.