Suicide bombers | Sunday Observer

Suicide bombers

O vile suicide bombers!
I think you are the greatest sinners.
You have killed hundreds of men,
Innocent children, babes and women.
Many more have sustained injuries,
And are suffering with dreaded memories.
It is they who suffer the most,
For everything that they have lost.
You believe your God is All Mighty,
Then will he cause death and calamity?
No God, but it’s Satan or the Devil,
Will cause such dreadful peril.
You claim many virgins in heaven,
By killing so many, can such a thing happen?
You fools have been brain-washed by ambitious men.
Who wish their religion alone should remain.
You are the most unkindest devils,
So, you must suffer aeons in the hells;
With everyone who aided you,
Abetted you and guided through!

- A.C. de Silva