Lights | Sunday Observer


The main natural source of light is the sun. At night, we use artificial lights because there is no sun to give us light. We get light from blubs, candles and lamps because they emit light for us in the night.

The organisms, such as glow worms and fire flies produce their own light. There are also some types of mushrooms which emit light. There are objects that do not emit light. They are called non luminous lights. To get acuity of an object, a light ray of a luminous object must fall on it. Moon is not a luminous object because the moon does not emit light by its own. The moon emits light by the rays of the sun that falls on its surface. So people consider it as luminous object. The planets are non luminous too.


Ravinu Vindiya Samaraweera,

Grade 6 E,

Rahula College, Matara.