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The National Museum

The Colombo National Museum is the main museum in Sri Lanka. It was founded by former Governor of British Ceylon Sir William Henry Gregory on January 1, 1877. It has 16 galleries. These galleries are full of old historically and archaeologically valued items such as the last King of Sri Lanka - Sri Wickrema Rajasinghe’s throne and crown, his costumes, jewellery box and his queen’s costumes.

There are weapons such as swords, pistols, guns and cannons; Ola leaf manuscripts, household goods, coins and carvings; banners, porcelain vases and Buddha statues on display at the museum. There are some stone inscriptions.

The Museum of Natural History contains animals, plants and a large skeleton of a blue whale hanging from the roof as well as mummified birds, snakes and iguanas in bottles. The special exhibit is the Dedigama bronze lamp with its tri-lingual inscriptions, Chullawaggsola and Panakaduwa copper inscription. This museum is a good source to learn of our country’s history.


Enidhu Supasun Premasundera,

Grade 7 C,

Carey College,

Colombo 8.