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Medonza and Ranasinghe win cycling race

Ports Authority’s Avishka Medonza from Western Province and Ishara Ranasinghe (SLPA) from Western Province emerged men’s and women’s winners respectively, in the cycling event of the National Sports Festival held in Anuradhapura.

Medonza clocked 2H 38mts 53 secs to complete the 116 Kilometre event.

Ishara Ranasinghe finished the 47 Km distance in 1H 33mts 27secs while the two runners-up too clocked the same time to end in a photo finish in the women’s event.

Dilshan Mannapperuma (WP) and Sandani Nipunika (NCP) stole the lime light on the second day winning the standard races for men and women respectively.


Men: 1. Avishka Medonza (SLPA - WP) 2:38.53 secs, 2. Malintha Sandaruwan (Army - NCP) 2:38.53 secs, 3. Prabash Madusanka (Navy - WP) 2:38.53 secs.

Women: 45 Km: 1. Ishara Ranasinghe (Air Force - NCP) 1:33.27 secs, 2.

Nirashani Perera (Air Force - NCP) 1:33.27 secs, 3. Akasha Wijesuriya (Army - WP) 1:33.27 secs

Standard Men 116 Km: 1. Dilshan Mannapperuma (WP) 2:55. 47 secs, 2. Akesh de Silva (WP) 2:55. 47 secs, 3. Prasanna Jayasinghe (WP) 2:55. 47 secs.

Women: 47.4 Km: 1. Sandani Nipunika (NCP) 2:35.5 secs, 2. N. Rathika (NP) 1:38 20 secs, 3. Thamil Arasi (NP) 1:38 20 secs. (BP)