Seylan Tikiri Avurudu Ganu-Denu concludes | Sunday Observer

Seylan Tikiri Avurudu Ganu-Denu concludes

Seylan Tikiri, a savings account for minors, celebrated the month of Sinhala and Tamil New Year with a promotion by offering Tikiri children the opportunity to grab their favourite gifts through the Bank’s branch network.

Conducted for the eighth consecutive year, the Tikiri promotion was devised in keeping with the traditional age-old spirit of Ganu-Denu.

All Tikiri holders were invited from across the island to deposit their ‘Avurudu Ganu-Denu’ to their existing and new accounts from April 1 to May 31 and win gifts upfront.

Tkiri account holders can become eligible to obtain 10 gifts by depositing Rs.100,000 to a new or existing account.

Head of Sales and Marketing, Seylan Bank, Gamika de Silva said, “Becoming a good saver is a learned behaviour.

Learning to defer gratification from an early age will have immense implications later in life. The earlier your child understands this concept, the more time they will have to practise and experience just how great it is to reach their goals.

As the bank with a heart, Seylan Bank encourages all parents to gift a ‘Tikiri’ account to their children to inculcate the habit of saving in them from an early age.

The Seylan Tikiri ‘Avurudu Ganu-Denu’ campaign’s prime objective is to create and strengthen the cultural bond among communities with the Avurudu festival and enhance the habit of saving among children”.