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EARTH - Let’s Save The Living Planet

What a beautiful
White-blue-green ball,
That’s an awe-inspiring
Lovely sight in the distance
To see stunningly, from the space,
Our own planet, the Earth is!
Third from the sun is the earth
That NASA ventured forth
To let man see its worth!
So elegant in shape and beauty
That is clothed in living-culture,
This earth is the birth-place of man,
And all other living things
That they are spread all over,
In amazing number of shapes,
Colours and sizes!

So rich and rare
Is this rocky sphere,
That no-other ‘Bare Balls’
Can match and share!
Oh, is it a divine gift
That man’s been blessed with?
This gift of nature has been under torture;
The feature is to be a changing picture;
Man’s failing to nurture this green pasture,
And for the earth-culture, no more
Is he a watcher?
The human race had a race,
With the sped-up pace,
That brought the earth an awkward face,
And that made a historic ill phase!

The past 20th century
Was the summary
Of how man’s relation
With the earth was.
The quest and conquest
Of man always stood
For the wealth and wealthy land
With no guard or regard
For the health of the earth!
Man was to blunder
And plunder the natural world,
And soon he became the reckless
Spender of the natural resources
He couldn’t be a mender for
The wounds he had made,
And he was always to be
Under Mother Earth’s comfort

He never looked up with thanks
For the Lender, and for him,
The wonder was the advancing
Technology that changed man
To be a vendor in mass production,
But the way the high-tech industries
Brought about thunder the world over,
Was to render the earth a waste-land
That man does not ponder how great
These miseries were to wound and hider
The well-being of an only living planet!
The more man disturbs nature
The more he suffers!

Isn’t it also true that he’s been
Well under delusion of progress,
That by degrees and dangerously
Destructs the ecosystem?
More drought and heat waves,
Floods and rising sea-levels
And many more natural disasters -
Being on the increase, threatening
The very lives on earth, where
Global warming is now being
A clear warning to man!
Global warning -
Isn’t it the punishment of nature
For man, who’s long been
Unfriendly with the environments,
Where millions of people are
Defenceless against the havoc,
Wrecked by the changing climate,
That’s linked to green house gasses,
Emitted by fossil fuels, the world over!

- Dr. U.L.M. Ismail