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My favourite sport

There are a lot of sports in Sri Lanka such as volleyball, netball, cricket, football and table-tennis. My favourite sport is chess. It is an indoor game. Chess originated in India. It is the national game of Russia. It is an international game. I am a member of our school chess team. It is played by two people on a chess board. It has 32 pieces, and they are known as King, Queen, Bishops, Rooks, Knights and Pawns. There is a value for each piece. Chess is a very important game for children.

Chess gives me many advantages. It helps me relax my mind after a hard day of study. We can learn team spirit. We learn to take up a win as well as defeat. Chess is an exercise for the mind. I play chess when I am free. Sometimes I play chess in the evening. I play chess with my family members and friends. Chess is an individual game. I have won a lot of medals and certificates from chess competitions. I love the game of chess.


D.K. Kavithi Dimasha Amarasinghe,

Grade 9 T,

Ke/ Dudley Senanayake Central

College, Thalangamuwa.