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My favourite sport

Most people like many sports. One of my favourite sports is football, which is also known as soccer. It is one of the most popular sports in over 200 countries.

Football is a team sport played between two teams of eleven players. The football pitch is rectangular with a goal post at each end and each team plays to score more goals than the number of their opponent, within 90-minutes. To score a goal, the teams must kick the ball into their opponents’ goal. In the event of a draw, an extra 30 minutes is added to the game, and if there is still no winner, the game is decided by a penalty shootout.

The governing body for World Football today is FIFA which stands for ‘Federation International De Football Association,' based in Geneva.

My favourite football player is Cristiana Ronaldo who is the captain of the Portuguese national team. I like football since it is a game which involves two teams where the teams actively participate towards winning the game. It is very interesting and fun to watch. I enjoy playing football with my friends at school. I wish to play for a famous team like Cristiana Ronaldo's.


Thihansa Vimukthi Athuwala,

Asian International School,

Year 5 R,

Colombo 5.