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‘Gajamuthugama Gammanaya’ opened

Gajamuthugama Gammanaya, the 193rd Uda Gammanaya under the Saemata Sewana housing project was vested with the people recently by Housing, Construction and Cultural Affairs Minister, Sajith Premadasa.

Located at Ethinimale, Ehatuwewa in the Kurunegala district Gajamuthugama consisting of 28 housing units was built at a cost of Rupees 379 lakhs to state coffers.

Housing, Construction and Cultural Affairs Minister, Sajith Premadasa, said that in 2019 the people will get the chance to decide on the country’s leadership and national program and their wish is to elect an an honest leader to run the country efficiently and gave an undertaking to make the people’s dream a reality.He also said that the one desire of the people is to see Sri Lanka economically developed to the level of Singapore and the people have the chance to make the 2019 the turning point in that journey. He added that government resources should be utilised for the wellbeing of the public.

To coincide with the vesting of the Uda Gammanaya with the people, 28 housing beneficiaries were given ownership of 28 locks of land worth over rupees 22.4 million. In addition Wisiri housing loans amounting to rupees 75.6 million for 325 low income families, Grama Shakthi housing assistance of rupees 63 million for 126 families, Wirusumithuru housing assistance amounting to rupees 3.8 million, housing assistance of over rupees 7.9 million for kidney patients, Sonduru Piyasa assistance of rupees 2.6 million, Shilpa Saviya grants amounting to rupees 1.9 million for 37 trainees and free spectacles for 141 visually impaired people were also provided.

State Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Ashok Abeysinghe and Kurunegala District Parliamentarian Indika Bandaranayake also participated at the event.