Dispute over appointment : Acting Municipal Commissioner to lodge complaint next week | Sunday Observer

Dispute over appointment : Acting Municipal Commissioner to lodge complaint next week

Following the continuous holding of the office of the Municipal Commissioner (MC) of Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) by former Municipal Commissioner (MC) V.K. Anura, the recently appointed Acting MC Lalith Wickramarathne is to make a police complaint next week to occupy the office room of MC, the Sunday Observer learns.

The CMC was in turmoil last week following the decision taken by the Governor of Western Province Azath Sally to appoint Chief Engineer of CMC Lalith Wickramarathne, as the new acting Municipal Commissioner.

This was a result of the decision taken by the Ministry of Public Administration, Disaster Management and Rural Affairs to appoint the former Municipal Commissioner as the Additional Secretary to the Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs.

The appointment of Wickramarathne came into effect from May 28, 2019. However, the former Municipal Commissioner refused to step down as it was a revenge taken by Azath Sally over personal disputes.

He alleged that Azath Sally had instructed him to act in a manner that is disadvantageous to CMC.

“He (Sally) ordered me to delay payments from certain shops and to approve advertisement hoardings which create problems for the CMC. I cannot go to jail by following his orders” said Anura.

Former MC filed a Fundamental Rights case at Supreme Courts on Friday (31). Meanwhile Governor of Western Province Azath Sally told the Sunday Observer that former MC is trying to take advantage of the situation in the country by distorting facts. “This person was found guilty by three committees over the investigations on the Methotamulla garbage dump disaster. I sent those reports to the Ministry of Public Administration and then it had been directed to the Public Service Commission. Based on those reports Public Services commission transferred him” said Sally.

“The Governor has the authority to appoint a MC. The Chief Secretary of Western Province has already released V.K. Anura from the Western Province to enable him to assume duties at his new position” said Wickramarathne.

“I spoke to the Mayor. She asked me to wait a few days” he added.

Nevertheless, the Deputy Mayor of CMC, M.T.M. Iqbal told the Sunday Observer yesterday that day to day activities of the CMC has not been affected by the dispute over Municipal Commissioner.

“A SLPP Councilor brought a motion in support of the former Mayor V.K. Anura and a few councilors supported the motion. However, we hope the Ministry of Public Administration would solve the issue soon” he said.