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How many French desserts can you name?

The French are known for their unique flavors, history and complicated techniques when it comes to food. But when you really break it down, a lot of the processes they use are the same that are used anywhere else. It comes down to the amount of care put into the baking of a dessert and the quality of ingredients. The art of pastry was basically invented in France, and there are plenty of culinary and pastry schools that primarily teach French cuisine and technique. It’s no wonder that the most delicious and fancy desserts do come from France!

When you think of a traditional bakery case, it could be filled with heaping mounds of cream or frosting, but in France, the shelves are filled with small pastries and desserts that are uniform in size and shape and mesmerize you with how perfect they are. Being a baker in France isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life. You have to eat, breath and sleep pastry and innovation. A lot of pastry chefs take inspiration from local legends or their family history to bring old French recipes back to life. Think you can name all of the French desserts in this quiz? Take it now to find out!


1.Don’t confuse this with a macaroon, which is a coconut cookie. A macaron is an almond-flour meringue-type cookie that can be flavored with almost anything and filled with cream, chocolate or jam.

2 A palmier is delicious because it’s baked puff pastry rolled with cinnamon and sugar, and then rolled in that same mixture before it goes in the oven. They’re sweet and crunchy and can be found in almost any bakery.

3.Sometimes cake can lack texture, but when the cake is a Dacquoise, that’s not the case. The meringue adds a crunch, while the cream in between the layers add the creamy and soft feeling you love about cake.

4. This classic French dessert uses two intricate French pastry techniques. The puff pastry serves as the bottom layer, while the choux pastry (what éclairs are made out of) is piped on top of that.

5. This pastry uses croissant dough which is then rolled to look like a snail shell. This one in particular is rolled with raisins and pastry cream. In America, it’s traditionally made with Brioche dough.

6.This dessert is specific to a certain region of France, and in other areas, it takes on other names and the recipe varies slightly. It’s a shortcrust pastry topped with a delicious fruit jam and lattice-style pastry.

7. In French cooking, a Dariole is just a mold, but it’s also the name of the pastry baked inside of it. Puff pastry lines the mold and is filled with an almond cream and baked until golden brown. There’s an even savoury version!

Correct Answer!

8.The origin of this dessert has been widely disputed, with one story saying it started as a mistake and another saying it was originally made for a little girl named Suzette. No matter where it comes from, this crepe with a butter-caramel sauce sure is delicious.

9. Peaches Melba is a dessert consisting of peaches and ice cream with a raspberry sauce. Renowned French chef Auguste Escoffier first made the dessert at the Savoy Hotel in London for the famed soprano, Nellie Melba.

10. Mille-feuille is a layered dessert. Puff pastry is baked in sheets, cut to size and layered with things like pastry cream, whipped cream and other flavorings like mousse or jam. It can have lots of layers but not quite a thousand.

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