Exporters need to work collectively to meet targets - Exporters’ Chamber chief | Sunday Observer

Exporters need to work collectively to meet targets - Exporters’ Chamber chief

Ramya Weerakoon
Ramya Weerakoon

The exporter community should continue their good work despite the recent drawback which resulted in a negative perception among buyer groups in foreign countries. Exporters need to work collectively in meeting importer demands and engage in export activities with the same vigour to achieve the targets set for this year, President, National Chamber of Exporters, Ramya Weerakoon said.

“It is a matter of marking time. We should abide by the agreements with buyers in meeting the contractual obligations in terms of quality, quantity and delivery time. We need to continue with the good relationship and help build their confidence in us as in the past. Our efforts will go a long way in restoring the former level of confidence and goodwill among the buyer community which will pave the way for a win-win situation,” she said.

The government has not given any relief to the export sector, especially apparel exports. “Therefore, we are compelled to depend on ourselves and find solutions for whatever problems we encounter. However, we are determined to perform well despite the drawbacks and contribute to the national economy in a productive manner,” she said.

The lifting of travel bans has helped us in some way. However, this will take time to benefit us. There is no travel insurance policy in place and the lack of a travel insurance scheme is a big setback in this regard as a number of buyers are willing to come to Sri Lanka, but their companies are not allowing them to do so.

It will take time for things to settle and we are tirelessly working towards it. Therefore, revenue generation anticipated for the third and fourth quarters will not materialise. We are continuing to look at the future positively.

“However, when we take the country as a whole, there is a need to build confidence. To this end, offering incentives is essential. The government needs to focus on the development of the country at this point of time. However, it is sad to note that it is not happening at present,” she said. As a leading apparel exporter, Weerakoon has embarked on community empowerment programs focusing on women and child development. To this end, she has carried out a number of welfare measures to help them reach a better social status.