Keells introduces ‘Bring your own Packaging’ | Sunday Observer

Keells introduces ‘Bring your own Packaging’

Keells recently introduced ‘bring your own containers’ to customers for bakery, fish and meat items. Customers are encouraged to bring their own containers and have their meat, fish and bakery items packed in these thereby, reducing the usage of single use polythene. Further savouries and sweet items at Keells bakeries are packed using paper bags and paper straws have replaced plastic straws at the juice counters. These introductions are yet another step forward for Keells in partnership with their customers to reduce the impact on the environment.

Keells was the first supermarket chain in 2017 to launch the concept of ‘Bring your own Bag’ to reduce the usage of polythene. If Keells ‘green’ bags are re-used customers are awarded with four Nexus loyalty points per bag which is equivalent to 4 Rupees. This initiative motivates more customers to participate and be rewarded in the process of making environmentally friendly choices.

Listening to customers and providing the best to meet their needs is of utmost importance to the Keells team. “Customers are honest and forthright with us on why and how they want to see change for the better and we thank them for it. Based on customer preferences and suggestions we will continue to invest, invent and implement new initiatives. We would like more customers to join us on our journey as we take steps to reduce the impact on the environment making slow but steady progress,” said President Retail, John Keells Holdings, Charitha Subasinghe.