Friendship | Sunday Observer


Friendship is the most beautiful flower which blooms in the garden of life. As we are humans we cannot live alone. We need friends to stand around to share our happiness and sadness. Real friends are very honest to each other. They are very trustworthy. To make good friends it is a divine power. If you are honest, polite and true you will have lots of friends. Having a friendship with someone is not easy. There should be mutual understanding between each other. There should be good attitudes and feelings between each other. We may have lots of friends. But, we should be able to identify the real ones. True friends will follow you like your own shadow. When you are in difficulties, they never leave you. They stand by you at all times. They will help you solve your problems. Therefore, it is important to have at least a single good friend.

E.A.S.S. Edirisingha,

Grade 8 A,

St. Thomas’ College,