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Terrorism vs humanity

The fateful Easter Sunday attack, that took place on April 21, is no stranger to anyone in Sri Lanka. Claiming 250 innocent lives, we can describe the eight bomb attacks as cruel, wicked and inhumane. The main target of the terrorists was to cause ethnic and religious conflict, were not achieved. Sri Lankans should be proud that they maintained peace throughout the country and I plead this be carried on.

The ISIS think that they have done something supreme. They say this was done for their religion. But, this act of terrorism will never be forgiven. Murdering innocent people in order to acclaim one's religion is an insane idea. Therefore, we can conclude that terrorists are non-religious. They belong to no religion. And if you choose to help them out by causing conflict throughout the country, you’ll be considered as a helper of terrorism. However, if you choose to maintain peace, then we stand united, not as Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims, but as Sri Lankans. Terrorists are defined as inhumane. This should never be a religious fight. What kind of humans would destroy a sacred religious place?

This is a situation that divided inhumanity from humanity. Humanity or Terrorism? The majority of humans will win. As I said before, terrorism should never be forgiven. ISIS will pay for what they have done to this beautiful country. But, it is not in our place to judge because that is what terrorists do.

Imeth de Silva,

Grade 11,

S. Thomas' College,

Mount Lavinia.