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Anger Management

Are you a person who struggles with anger? Do you get angry very often? When things get back to normal, are you at guilt at your own anger and actions performed?

Anger has become a burning issue in most of our day to day lives. Amidst the daily hectic schedules people are tied up to, they are unable to cope up with the stress and the burden of living. The new publication Tharahata Wisaduma authored by Venura Perera, a corporate coach and counsellor gives its readers the insight into the causes and consequences of anger, exposing them to ways in which anger could be managed and to minimise its negative impact, using a number of different practical techniques.

It is a result of an initiative taken in establishing the grounds for a compassionate society where every individual gets to live peacefully and in harmony.

Why do you get angry? Have you ever had time to think of it? What do you do when you get angry? Do you ever give yourself some time to dig deep into your thoughts and let yourself understand why? If you have not tried questioning yourself, it is time you make an attempt to read this book.

Every individual seeks the highest level of pleasantness for themselves. Your thoughts, your emotions and your behaviour should happen the way you want them to. Why don’t you let yourself heal from within? Why wait till the external environment fits to your needs? Let your nature not get disturbed by outer circumstances.

Though this publication you will get exposed to the equation of your mind and a varied number of activities you could try in order to manage yourself and anger moods, efficiently and effectively.

It will guide you to be free from slavery of your thoughts and attitudes by helping you decide and master what happens within you. You can neither control the behaviour of your peers, the surroundings, nor their cognition. Yet, as a human being you are bestowed with the universal power to be the master of yourself.

You will get to learn the causes,

consequences and preventive mechanisms for anger from your perspective. It doesn’t matter who you are, a boy, a girl,

a husband, a wife or an elder. Each technique is presented to fit different perspectives.

Tharahata wisaduma is written in Sinhala. The content is forwarded simply and straightforwardly in a manner which can be easily understood by everyone irrespective of age. This book is to be published in English and Tamil as well.

The readers get to apply the content in their lives. You will get to assess your own life through engaging in a number of activities,exercises presented in the book. Reading only will not get you anywhere in the anger management process. Applying it to your life and assessing its progress is one of the key things you need to practice. You will get to see if the techniques have worked on you only in that manner.

You can now have this book delivered to your doorstep. The book is issued and made public not merely for the purpose of financial benefit. What you spend on the book will be invested in uplifting the lives of the underprivileged.

Do you want to poison yourself with anger? Or do you want to cleanse yourself with compassion and mutual understanding? To walk in the path of moulding yourself to the greatest human potential and explore the unexplored inner self, we invite you to be a stakeholder in community service.