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LEADS initiates leadership training for youth

9 June, 2019

LEAD is a youth organisation formed by the Prefects’ Guild of Ananda College, Colombo, with the mission to unlock the hidden potential of the younger generation. The vision of LEAD is to redefine the term leadership by creating a set of individuals who are capable to take risks and face challenges. LEAD stands for Leadership, Exploration and Development .

The organisation is led by the head, deputy and senior prefects of Ananda College, Colombo, namely Thineth Jayasuriya, Kisal Wedisinghe, Asel Perera, Geeth Sahan and Lochana Weerakkody.

LEAD recently conducted two leadership training programs. Head Prefect of Ananda College, Thineth Jayasuriya speaking to the Youth Observer said, “The first program was at Sri Mahindarama Dhamma School and adjoining dhamma schools with the participation of over 60 students. They had a one-day training program on how to face real world challenges as leaders. LEAD's first ever pilot project was also recently concluded at Yoshida International School with the participation of over 50 students. They faced a two-day training program in how to overcome challenges as the leaders of tomorrow. The objectives of the training are to teach the basic traits of leadership, to prepare youth to face psychological problems successfully, to push one's physical capacity to face problems as an individual as well as a team and to improve communication skills to overcome problems,” Jayasuriya said.