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Short Story / The enigmatic tunnel

One scorching day, I was going on a holiday with my dad, we drove past rivers, oceans, bridges and tunnels. Suddenly dad slid onto a lonely road, oh! how lonely it was. It had no cultivation and no other vehicles or living things. Suddenly, I spotted a very strange looking tunnel. It was a curve of bricks symmetrically piled up.

Dad drove the car swiftly into the enigmatic tunnel. Strange, I thought, that there weren’t the usual lights overhead. Dad flicked our car headlights onto full-beam, because the tunnel was very dark. I was surprised we were the only vehicle in there. Glancing out of the window, I noticed the walls were bespattered in glistening green slime; as slimy as a dragon’s tongue. Despite the heater being on full-blast, the car felt suddenly chilly. The pin-prick of light in the distance told me that we would soon be out, but I still felt uneasy. Gulping, I looked at dad who was gripped with fear; his knuckles were white as he gripped the steering wheel tightly. Something wasn’t quite right… and when we finally emerged from the far end and looked around, we found out what it was…

It was an underground tunnel situated beneath a mansion. There was blood bespattered technically everywhere around the exterior. Suddenly, the car came to a halt. I was gripped with fear. In sheer desperation, my dad looked around to find out what was wrong. Surprised and angry, he discovered we were out of petrol. Our car wasn’t hybrid, that wasn’t our fault.

But dad was extra sure that he had a can of petrol somewhere in the car. He opened the boot and the entombed odour flew out of the boot and pervaded around the tunnel. It was the can of petrol; it really was! We were both relieved. Dad picked it up gingerly and poured it swiftly through the rotten metal cap that was led by a pipe to the petrol tank. We heard it swoosh through the ancient-metallic painted and tempest like pipe. It was fun listening to the sound.

Dad spun the key and the car started up like normal. The car emerged completely out of the tunnel. As we flew past the tunnel, I heard the clicking sound of dad turning off the headlights. We continued going to where we were going (Birmingham).


Chaniru Senhas Maggonage,

Grade 5,

Brookland Junior School,