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The gift of Dhamma...

The Poson full moon dispelled the darkness
Of ignorance and rootless misbeliefs
“Thissa” “Thissa”, echoed the kind words of
Meritful emissary Arahat “Mihidu”, the son of
Emperor “Ashoka” ; the blessed patron of Buddhism
Bestowed noble doctrine of the Sakyamuni Buddha
To his mate “Thissa” in the kingship of Lanka
With the jewel of Dhamma, the truthful realization
Enlightened the isle of Srilanka
That was dipped in nonsensical myths and beliefs
The dirt of sins and immorality of Sinhalese
Cleansed by the purest water of the Buddha’s sermons
The radiant rays of rational Buddhism
Lighted the rootless hearts and minds, lost in the darkness
“Mihintale – Missaka Pawwa” was lighted
With the grace of a wise mentor and a wise leader
Who upheld the noblest vision
The vision of innocence and benevolence
The vision that leads to the utmost bliss of “Nirvana”

- Nilupulee C. Ranaweera