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Do you know what these breeds were bred for?

Continued from last week...

 Dogs were among the first animals to be domesticated with good reason. They have interacted with humans for thousands of years. Their intelligence, behaviour, and communication have made humans keen to breed them.

Due to their long association with humans, dogs can learn when taught properly. They learn through repetition and remember what they've been taught, two key factors breeders are well aware of. Dogs have been bred to hunt, go to war, herd and protect.

Over the centuries, breeders across the globe have perfected dogs for various purposes. Now, many are companions rather than workers for their owners. Still, dogs retain some of the skills they were bred for, and they come out even when not required.

You've seen dogs all your life. Do you know the different breeds by sight and their characteristics?

Answer the questions we've come up with and see how much you know about our canine friends!