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World’s most expensive cup of coffee

16 June, 2019

Fancy paying $75 for a cup of coffee? A coffee shop in Southern California has been selling a cup of coffee at $75 with all selling out.

Why is it so expensive?

The coffee shop is roasting the Elida Geisha 803 coffee beans. These are special kinds which come from Panama. They were sold at $803 per pound, the highest price paid for the beans at a recent auction. Only 100 pounds were available and Klatch snatched up 10 of them. Meaning they became the only coffee shop in the United States to have these special beans. Around 10 pounds of beans comes out to about 80 cups of the Elida Geisha coffee. Before you think the coffee sounds great. The Elida Geisha 803 is a type of Kopi Luwak coffee which is made from partially digested coffee beans. The beans are eaten by civets, a cat-like animal, and then pooped out.