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President’s Poson message: Co-existence, the cornerstone of the Dhamma

President Maithripala Sirisena wishes that all Sri Lankans embody in their lives compassion and peaceful co-existence, the cornerstone of Arahant Mahinda’s Message of the Dhamma.

Poson Poya signifies the advent of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The arrival of Arahant Mahinda laid the foundation for the Tripitaka followed by the dawn of disciplines such as architecture, writing, sculpting and constructing stupas.

A new epoch in the annals of the country, an education system under the patronage of the Maha Sangha took root, opening new vistas for a civilized culture with viharas, monastries, temple caves and pirivenas being established.

An education system centered on Buddhism was established by Arahat Mahinda and accordingly ‘Ata Seta Len’ or the 68 cave centres of learning was set up. These were the first education centres in this country and the caves where Buddhist monks lived gradually evolved into monasteries and temples.

Mihintale, the abode of Arahat Mahinda, where he lived till the 80th milestone of his life is a monument for his great service to the Buddha Sasana. By his simple lifestyle and the supreme bliss he enjoyed through the Buddhist way of life, Arahat Mahinda displayed an invaluable example to emulate, to the people, the kings and noblemen.