Zahira edge out Rajans 13-12 | Sunday Observer

Zahira edge out Rajans 13-12

Zahira College had to ward off a good challenge from Dharmaraja College before earning a wafer-thin 13-12 victory, despite playing to their best form, in an exciting Plate trophy rugby match at Nittawela yesterday.

Zahira College’s 13 points came off two tries and a penalty while Dharmaraja 12 points was made up of one goal and a try.

The Rajans were in good form on and off and in the last ten minutes of the the first half were kept on their toes by a fighting Zahirans who shot into the lead and were 8-5 at half time.

The Zahirians defended heavily through their hard working pack who won the major share of the ball in loose play.

The Rajans too showed some dominance attempting to run the ball but were held by the Zahirians who won by a point in the end.