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Standing Alone

I find it always gracious to have a father who always worries a bit about his kids. Though one sees mummies as the kind who always makes a great fuss over the whereabouts of their dear and loving kids. But have you ever found a father who has fallen into trouble by himself by caring about his loving kids. Here is my story.

Just after my Ordinary Levels, I’m not certain of the exact day, I was going for an extra class. It was probably in late April or early May of 2017. It was the first day after the New Year vacation and our teacher declared the day a holiday as she had to attend a function in the afternoon.

I told my parents this and I was thrilled I did not have a class. The week flew and late one evening my dad was getting very late and we were wondering why. I had almost finished reading Harry Potter’s Goblet of Fire and I was getting worried as to why my dad had not come home yet.

So my mom got worried and called my dad to check.

“Shantha, where are you?”

“Are you ok?”

“Um, I’m standing alone in front of Akka’s class waiting for her, she’s seems to be getting late.

Do you want me to buy something for home?” he asked

“Oh God! Akka is at home today. Its Thursday.

Oh boy what a laugh we had when dad came home. He was laughing too, scratching the few hairs on his head, “How could I forget that it was Thursday.” “But dad you forgot I was on holiday the previous day too.