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Welcome to dads who cook

It was my mommy’s birthday and she had gone to my grandma's, so dad said lets surprise her with her favourite dish BIRIYANI. Dad cheery as ever said let's make it for her.

Apron on, the four of us including dad marched to the kitchen.

First to look for the rice, got it. We had no clue what so ever how it's done. Dad said don't wash it-will get soft-so into a pan and added water and let it cook. Next the Chicken. We tempered the onions, added water and put in the chicken and cooked till done. Then we took the spices from the spice rack. My darling dad just eyeballed it, along with the salt and tomatoes and finally the curd.

Eggs to decorate, into the Microwave set for two minutes.


1) Chicken layer. Into a dish he spread the cooked chicken

2) Rice Dad added a little yellow colour, the rice was er like Kiribath, never mind, didn't want to upset him.

3) Eggs to decorate.

Dad opened the microwave and Boom the hot eggs burst because of the pressure in the microwave, and the egg shells splattered on my precious dads face and clothes.

The door bell rang, in walks mom and nearly had a heart attack, when she saw us in her domain. She didn't want to upset dad, very lovingly she wiped his egg shell strewn face with her shawl, and with a beautiful smile said "I truly appreciate your efforts" tasted the food and said Yummy Sang Happy Biriyani Day and Birthday and enjoyed the food. I must admit culinary proficiency is not my darling dads talent.

May God bless him and all dads.

Suhaila Hussain