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DFCC Bank offers bundle of benefits for vehicle permit holders

Anton Arumugam
Anton Arumugam

DFCC Bank is living up to its reputation as a Bank for everyone with the introduction of a bundle of benefits for vehicle permit holders.

In addition to offering zero margins and concessionary commission for LC (Letters of Credit), DFCC also provides funding assistance through tailor-made personal loan schemes for permit holders, Vice President Liabilities and Trade Business Development, Anton Arumugam said.

The Bank has also arranged special insurance packages through our insurance partners and to add to customer convenience we also offer 0% installment plans on insurance premiums through our credit cards, he said at an interview with the Business Observer.

Q. Who will benefit under this new scheme?

A. Vehicle permits are issued to senior government servants who have served the nation for a long period of time and this campaign has been designed as a mark of gratitude to them.

As we understand that these individuals are often pressed for time due to their work schedules we offer personalized service in order to minimize hassle.

This includes sending the customer an SMS Alert once all the documents are received by the Bank and then opening of the Letter of Credit.

The Bank promises to provide the customer with a copy of the Letter of Credit within one hour of the receipt of the documents.

Q. What are the other benefits offered by the Bank?

A. While trying to decide which vehicle is most suited for their budget, permit holders are also burdened with the job of choosing the best Bank to finance their purchase. DFCC hopes to take away this burden by assuring customers of a professional service and a hassle free experience from start to finish.

Q. What are the additional facilities that a permit holder could get?

A. In addition to financing the purchase of their vehicle DFCC can also provide permit holders with a variety of other innovative products such as credit cards, housing loans, leasing and our very own Vardhana Virtual wallet which will allow them to transact using their smart phone. DFCC also offers the highest interest rate of 7 percent even for low savings balances through our DFCC Winner Savings Account. All of these products and more can be viewed through our recently revamped website www.dfcc.lk which also provides online banking facilities.

Q. Who are the Bank’s target segment of customers?

A. As a Bank for everyone, DFCC has solutions for the financial needs of kids, professionals, youngsters, businessmen, students and senior citizens, so permit holders can enjoy facilities for their entire family. Through provision of such a holistic banking experience DFCC hopes to fulfill the needs of all the segments of the population.

Q. What is the message the Bank would like to give the permit holders?

A. DFCC invites all permit holders to avail of this opportunity and experience our innovative products and efficient service. With a history of over six decades and rated as AA-(lka) by Fitch, customers can be assured of the Bank’s reliability and stability and can access the Bank through 139 branches and service points situated island wide.