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Havelocks: An eternal flame of 27 teenagers

Former St. Joseph’s College product Romesh Abeywickrema is likely to be re-elected as the president of Havelock Sports Club today at their 104th Annual General Meeting which will be held at the club house that also coincides with victory in the Clifford Cup after 38 years.

Havelock SC was founded in 1915 and has a long history of rugby as the club’s main sporting activity while in the good old days they also had hockey and football.

Havelock Sports Club was born when 27 schoolboys of ages ranging from 12 to 16 years whose homes were in the vicinity of Havelock Park agreed to organize themselves into a club and thus it came into existence. The club had no Constitution, no office bearers, no materials, no ground and only the enthusiasm and comradeship. The inspiration and keenness for all this came from none other than a boy named Roy Joachim.

And so in 1915 Joachim together with the other boys went about setting up the club never dreaming that their juvenile efforts would reach maturity and that the club would live to take its place in the front ranks of the local sporting world- celebrating a 100 years.

The club was initially established on a sandy patch of land and had its first club-house in 1915 with Dr. V.R. Schokman as its first president. The club took to rugby in 1920 with Col. EH Joseph as its president and JCA Prins as the secretary and first captain. They played their first game of rugby against Kelani Valley and the first Havelock vs CR and FC game was played on July 21, 1923.

In 1925 the club house on wheels was introduced for playing cards and bridge. In the early years, they had to move the club house, to show the requirements of tenancy. In 1950 the Clifford Cup was introduced for clubs with Havelock SC, CR & FC, Kandy SC, Dimbulla A&CC, CH & FC Dickoya MCC, KV (Kelani Valley) and Uva contesting. They were the first champions and the team had players like Ian Labrooy (captain), HEW Metzeling, Hugh Aldons, Fred Aldons, Basil Henricus, EM Aldons, SB Pilapitiya, Alan Drieberg, Robert Sourjah, Vernon Kelly, Lecho Ephraums, Kenneth Gunawardena, Aubrey Raymond, Ian Bartholomeusz and D. Evarts.

Their next Clifford Cup win was in 1961 under Dr. Hubert Aloysius who had players like Maurice Fairweather, Maurice de Silva, Ken de Joodt, Quentin Israel, Rajah Sumanasekera, Nimal Maralanda, Dicky Jayatilleka, Brian Jacotine, Frankie David, Y.C. Chang, Gogi Tillekeratne, Richard Abrahams, Conrad Ephraums and Edward Bartholomeusz.

In 1964 Havies won the Clifford Cup was under the captaincy of Dicky Jayatilleka. Then again in 1967 under Gamini Fernando. In 1968 under Noel Brohier, in 1970 under Jeff Ratnam when it was a tie with Police in the final. Desmond Harridge’s team beat CR and FC 16-4 in 1974 and in 1976, 1977 and 1978 Havelocks won under Thajone Savanghan, Jeff de Jong and Anton Benedict.

After 1978 it was Angelo Wickramaratne’s team in 1981. And the next win came after 38 years in 2019

Some of the other top players who donned the jersey were CJ Senanayake, RT Vanculenberg, Robert Sourjah, E. Matthysz, V. Kelly, Allan Drieberg, S. Blake, R.Tucker, Dr. Harry Rasiah, Maurice Silva, Tyronne Fryer, Glen Vanlangenberg, Jeff and Dan Ratnam, Jupana Jayewardena, Denzil Kobbekaduwa, Jeyer Rodriguesz, Tyronne Holdenbottle, K. Sundaralingam, Jeffery de Jong, Hanzil Samad, Sandy Hameed, Omar Sheriff, Shafi Jainudeen, Hafi Abdeen, Ana Saranapala, Travis de Jong, Lal Silva, Baba Sourjah, Randy Pietersz, Hiran Fernando, Lanil Tennakoon, Michael Jayasekara, Hisham Abdeen, Frank Hubert, PL Munasinghe, David Nicolle, Marco de Silva, Orville Fernando, Royce Samaratunga, Chaminda Rupasinghe, Tony Amith, Leonard de Zilwa, Thusitha Peiris, Graham Raux, Roshan Deen, Nishantha Chanaka, Kolitha Gunatilleke, NH Karunasena, Aruna Uduwelagedera, Sanjeewa Jayasinghe, Ravi Ganapathy, Kavinda Jayasena, Jeffrey Sahid and Washim Thajudeen. Apologies for missing out on more names that cannot be recalled at the time of writing.

They won many a trophy at hockey like the Andriesz Shield in 1935 and 1960, the Pioneer Cup in 1950 and 1955 and were the first winners of the Bacon Cup in 1947. In August 1959, the new club house was declared open after the Municipal Council approved a Grant.

Havelock SC was the breeding ground for most of the young school leavers who later enlisted themselves at the Park Club to progress forward in the sport and under the presidency of Asanga Seneviratne the ground was blessed with floodlights and seating capacity.

The Outgoing Committee of Havelock Sports Club has decided to recommend the following members as office bearers and committee members for the period 2019/20 to be elected today.

Patron: Gamini Fernando, Vice Patrons: Lal Silva, Ana Saranapala, Jeyer Rodriguez, Dan Ratnam, Anton Benedict, Wimal Senanayake, Killi Pulendran, Lucien Rajakarunanayake. Trustees: Christy Kunanandhan, Ivor Maharoof, President: Romesh Abeywickrema. Vice Presidents: Anuja Premaratne PC, Rajeew Perera. General Secretary: Tiny Samat, Assistant Secretary: Mangala Dharmapriya. Treasurer: Thusitha Peiris, Assistant Treasurer: Nirupan Wijeyanathan, Bar and Restaurant Secretary: Dinuka Perera, Ground Secretary: VS Perry, Social Secretary: Eranga Katipearachchi, Joint Sports Secretary: Roshan Opatha, WPRFU Representative: Nishantha Chanaka (Alex), Past President: Yoosuf Mukthar, Committee Members: Rohan Gomis, Dominic Alles, Hiran Nanayakkara, Chairman Disciplinary Committee: Chaminda Rupasinghe.