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World Conference on CHILD & YOUTH 2019

The International Institute of Knowledge Management welcomes you to the World Conference on Child and Youth 2019 which will be held on July 4th– 5th in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The benefits to society of investing in children and youth are wide-ranging and long term. Investing in children and youth today is investing in the future stability, quality of life, and economic self-sufficiency of the society. CCY 2019 conference will bring together researchers, educators, academicians, and child and youth care practitioners from around the world to find out solutions for the challenges of children and youth.The non-presenting audience not only gets the opportunity to listen to the keynote speeches, and other insights shared by the top speakers, but also will get the opportunity of sharing their own ideas and insights at the Q and A sessions. In addition, the attendees will be exposed to several networking opportunities with both the corporate and academic figures. Why you should attend? This forum provides with a platform in which we can discuss together openly the many realities, challenges and opportunities facing young people in today’s world. This forum will offer a unique opportunity for panelists from different backgrounds to give their positive feedback to encourage and challenge the continued growth of youth with an international audience. Have a brilliant time engaging with peers of different cultures from across the world and present your views on how to develop young people to a successful person. This is a rare opportunity in which young people’s innovative ideas and solutions are shared with decision – makers and international experts.

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