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My favourite cartoon character

It is a very fat and funny character. It comes in a famous cartoon series. I watched the series several times because of this character. That’s ‘Jim Pappa’.

He lives in a village called ‘Pappa gamma’ there are so many ‘pappas’ in this village. They are ‘Weda pappa, Soora pappa, Jim pappa and Kakoo pappa’. They are very brave and reasonable people. They always stand against injustice.

There was an incident with fat Jim pappa. He had fallen into a cauldron of a magic portion during his childhood. It caused him to be the only Gaul in pappas’ village who is in a permanent state of superhuman strength. Jim pappa was not allowed to drink the magic potion ever again. He was regarded as being tremendously unfair. His loves and cares for his dog ‘chuti kuku’. He is very enthusiastic in hunting and eating wild boar and beating up Romans. His catchy phrase is ‘these Romans are lazy’. He can fight with so many people at once due to his superhuman strength. I love this character because of this lovely behaviour.


Rasindu Sasmitha


Class 5- EA,

Highlands College,