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My lost friend

We know that every living being dies. There is no one on this earth who is immortal. I’m writing about my lost friend Dhami. She died because of the bomb explosion in the Katuwapitiya church. While the explosion was happening, I was in Chilaw. The explosion happened on Easter Sunday. First, I heard she was in the ICU but after four or five days I heard she was dead. As I got the message, I was very sad and cried a lot. She is unforgettable. I’m really sorry for the wrong things I have done to her. I saw how our Archbishop Rev. Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, other Rev. Brothers and Rev. Sisters and especially the way our Parish Priest reacted to the explosions. I’m really proud of my religion. The reason for my friend’s death and the explosion is terrorism. More than the terrorists, the main reason is our leaders. I feel sad for the way our country’s leaders acted. I think they don’t know the value of children. More than them our parents and religious leaders know the real value of our lives. I’m really shy about our country’s leaders. They don’t think about the future of the nation. Because of them my friend lost her precious life. Our religious leaders and our parents think more about us. I am really proud of them. Sri Lanka is a multi-cultural country. There are many races, languages and beliefs. There is one more thing that we must remember, the terrorists are Muslim extremists. All Muslims are not terrorists. So as a multi-cultural country, let us stand together and protect our country.

You stood in the world as a friend of ours

You never knew you had to go far

But after the bomb where have you gone?

Is it a place that you can live forever?

After the bomb you had to go

I pray that you can be in a good place,

I always pray for you, to the Father in heaven

To make you happy and free in heaven

You became a saint of faith

You are gone, but our friendship remains forever

Never will we forget you

Even when you are far away from us.


Jesni Blanka,

Grade 8,

Ave Maria Convent, Bolawalana,