‘Machines will take over routine jobs’ | Sunday Observer

‘Machines will take over routine jobs’

The Chamber Academy of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, set up to provide work-based training programs, concluded a full-day workshop on Introduction to Big Data and Data Analysis recently.

The workshop for professionals in the banking and business sector was conducted in collaboration with VShare. Chathuranga Abeysinghe, who has over eight years of industry experience in finance, operations, and IT in relation to data science, was the resource person. Beginning with an introduction into big data and its nature, the session delved into demystifying AI, organisational analytics, and how to get started with visualisation tools.

Abeysinghe talked the participants through the basics of data and how much more relevant it would become in the future, especially with inevitable global digitisation.

“Industry 4.0 is a cultural shift – a conduit between human and digital,” he said, adding that more ‘routine’ and ‘logical’ jobs will soon be taken over by machines; while those which require creativity and human interaction will thrive.