JVP mulls fielding outsider as candidate | Sunday Observer

JVP mulls fielding outsider as candidate

The JVP is tipped to be contemplating the idea of fielding a professional outside party ranks as its common candidate for the forthcoming Presidential polls.

JVP MP Dr.Nalinda Jayatissa said this was one of the options the Party leadership was currently considering but a decision on their presidential hopeful would take as long as August to finalise.

“We are seeking a broader alliance with civil society groups who had been working with the party throughout and discussions to this effect is now taking place in Colombo at different locations, “ he added. A round of discussions was also held on July 2 with several more meetings scheduled to be held before July 14.

The party is expected to launch this National Front with professional organisations, trade unions, leftist and communist groups as well as Hindu and Muslim organisations, on July 14.

The party’s move has been observed as a strategy to win over voters and consolidate its depleted vote base in preparation for the parliamentary election next year.