Man who killed humanity | Sunday Observer

Man who killed humanity

I feel I am a small child with
No sufficient intellectual accord
To explore the depth and width
Of your noble teachings, my Lord!
And to follow that harmless way
As the reverend clergy admonishes
To exercise patience and the sway,
Not to revenge his inhuman wishes!
I know that he is blindly ignorant
To have been exploited by the devil;
And to have lost his life fragrant
For a never justifiable cause evil!
But how his blunder would ever be forgiven
Looking at those who turned to ashes?
They were the true aspirants of heaven
And peace-loving innocent masses!
I wonder when we’ll agree to walk
That noble path hand in hand;
Calling each other ‘brother!’ and talk’
How beautiful is our Lanka land!’

-Bandara Samarakoon