Bookmakers favour ‘Merry England’ to lift World Cup (at last?) | Sunday Observer

Bookmakers favour ‘Merry England’ to lift World Cup (at last?)

With the four semi finalists of the Cricket World Cup now in place, Sri Lankan fans will turn their attention to the semis. Australia are through, as expected, but all eyes will be on everyone’s second favorite team- New Zealand.

New Zealand regularly endear themselves to cricket fans with their sporting Kiwi behavior and likeable individuals like the great Sir Richard Hadlee. By contrast, arch rivals Australia can hardly be described as being renowned for their sportsmanship.

But likeable as they are as a team, New Zealand are always the bridesmaid, never the bride, following in the footsteps of frequent winners Australia. But the Bookies have good Old England as most likely winners (as of Friday) at odds of 15 to 8 as against Australia (2 to 1). The other semi final game will attract the most attention when India face off against England.

India are likely to be favoured by the bookmakers to win, but will it be a case of – The Empire Strikes Back?

The English who invented cricket, have never won the World Cup. They also invented football, rugby, tennis, golf, badminton, netball and boxing.

If planning to do so, place your bets and better hurry. The stated figures are only valid till Friday, after which the odds will change. As the song goes (Indian accent included): “Oh, to be in England, Now that Spring is here.”