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Sports Council makes proposals

The Sports Council has decided to present 13 new proposals to the Minister of Sports with the aim of improving the standards of sports in Sri Lanka.

The Council was of the view that sportsmen and women competing in Para Games at present are a neglected lot and they should be recognized in an exemplary manner and should be rewarded well by evaluating their achievements.

Nutrition, financial benefits, medical insurance and bodybuilding centres are also among the proposals. They have also pushed for athletes to practice free of charge at the Sugathadasa Stadium two days per week.

The formation of Under-14 pools were also proposed and discipline among administrators and participants have also been stressed in the proposals.the grants for Associations that are not conducting proper pools for sports.

The curtailment of Grants to sports bodies that exists only on paper have also been proposed.

The Sports Council expects the Proposals to be implemented without delay.