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Horrors of the Holocaust

The horrors of the holocaust still echoe in empty gas camps and in gloomy chambers within parts of Europe. The darkness of the word Holocaust is horrific and terrifying. Even today many countries and nations bear the gloomy memories which reflect the sufferings of the victims. Children lost their childhood, lovers lost their partners, and families lost their beloved due to the destruction caused by war. It melts our hearts while reminding us of the way children suffocated here. The war never spared innocent kids instead it made them taste the horror of dark days. The movie, The Boy in Striped Pajamas is a heart touching story of two friends who died together in a concentration camp during World War II. The hatred, violence and conflict only victimised the poor children and never spared them nor gave them a chance to live and enjoy a carefree childhood.

In the movie The Boy in Striped Pyjamas moving from scene to scene we witness how Bruno; the son of a Nazi commandant, and Shmuel, a Jewish boy build up a friendship that was ‘forbidden’ during World War II. It all starts when Bruno’s family had to move to the German countryside as his father was placed in command of a concentration camp. After moving to the new residence Bruno was fascinated by the buildings he saw far from his neighborhood. Bruno was told it was a farm where men work. As this incident made Bruno even more curious about the farmers who wore pyjamas; it made him secretly go there and see what it really was. There he meets Shmuel; the Jewish boy. They build a friendship which goes beyond everything.

The day Bruno’s father decided to move with his family changes the story to an entirely different angle where Bruno and Shmuel together had to contend with the final tragedy of Holocaust. This is the point where Bruno’s family went through the same pain that Jews went through. Friendship is just a flower blooms in the heart that turns the entire world into a garden while spreading its fragrance.

The mutual bond between Bruno and Shmuel goes beyond the barriers of animosity between the races. The story witnesses that wars are where the ‘Brunos’ and ‘Shmuels’ are enemies who consumed hostility, racism and hate that nourished war making the leaders gain power while people suffer for generations. It is pathetic that ‘war’ has become a universal theme where children suffocate.

Even the diary of ‘Anne Frank Huis’ reveals how children were depressed and suppressed by war. Their expectations, dreams, desires and emotions were buried along with them. Millions of children’s fate was decided inside gas camps.

Anne’s diary breaks the hearts of the readers as it creates visuals of how Anne’s wonderful imaginary world is devastated by the terror of the ‘war’. Forced labour under starvation killed most of the children. Also lack of water, shelter and clothes made the rest of children suffer under severe conditions such as cold and snow. Almost all the prisoners suffered from diseases due to poor sanitary facilities. As a result most of them died, or became vulnerable to deadly diseases.

The historical records show the scariest part of the Holocaust which reveals the details of how children who were used for Medical Research. It is recorded that SS physicians and medical researchers used imprisoned children including twins in concentration camps for medical experiments that ultimately resulted deaths.

The horrendous nature of the holocaust took away the childhood, memories, love, happiness, joy and much more along with the lives it captured. Anne, Bruno and Shmuel left the traces of their life story of younger generations, as a plea to end the suffering. These stories are not written or screened to make the spectators lament.

They are the letters of pain written by blood of victimised holocaust children so as to stop repeating Dark History. The Repercussions of racism never united a nation; instead it devastated the entire world leaving the traces of pain for generations.