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Riding high on success

Lucky Susil is riding high on success with the recent opening of his Nail Spa at Toni & Guy salon. Experimenting with nails has been what he loves the most. Having more than 10 years of experience as a nail technician and one of the best in the industry, he plans to further expand his work as the franchise of Tony & Guy grows in the country.

Lucky Susil now wants to teach aspiring nail technicians in the coming months and plans to conduct classes at the salon. Lucky spoke to the Youth Observer about his plans, creativity and sharing his knowledge about what he is most passionate about.

Q: How has the transformation been from working for a salon and now running your own Nail Spa?

It has been a long journey. Even though I was not running my own nail spa, as a senior nail technician I was always participating in making decisions to running day to day operations in my previous workplaces.

It was a good experience starting my own thing.

I quite enjoy being my own boss and helping my team to strive to do better. I feel I’m expanding my boundaries with every challenge that comes along.

Q: You have been in the industry for a long time. What do you plan for next?

I’m completing 18 years as a nail technician this year. Being a pioneer nail technician in Colombo as well as working in so many other countries for years, I have achieved almost everything I need to in my career.

Helping newcomers, setting higher standards and new global trends in the country will be my next step.

Q: How has it been working for an international brand like Tony & Guy?

It’s been nice working for Tony & Guy. My experiences of working and training around the globe helped me to match up to the high standards of Tony & Guy.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next few months?

All the rush of launching and adjusting myself to the new working environment was a bit overwhelming. I will now concentrate on my work and teaching and will be attending the London Hair Show 2019 in August.

Q: How is the experimenting of nail art going?

I always try to do new things, so every day at work is sort of an experiment and a challenge. I’m loving it.

Q: What is the most successful nail art you have done?

Nail designs I did for ‘Hair world Milan in 2012’ and ‘Hair world Frankfurt 2014’ were very special.

Q:Will you be conducting workshops for aspiring nail artists?

I have already started conducting courses for upcoming nail artists. There are some plans to do some workshops with leading brands in soon.