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N-joy coconut oil relaunched

From left: Sales Manager, N-Joy, Nalaka Jayasekara, N-Joy Brand Ambassador Pooja Umashankar and Marketing Manager,   Suren Fernando at the relaunch.
From left: Sales Manager, N-Joy, Nalaka Jayasekara, N-Joy Brand Ambassador Pooja Umashankar and Marketing Manager, Suren Fernando at the relaunch.

Coconut oil brand, N-joy relaunched its range of products recently.

“Having been in the market for some time, we wanted to explore a 360 degree change starting from the product to packaging. Our involvement and expertise in the coconut and coconut based products goes back 150 years. We possess the proficiency and insights to offer our consumers with high quality products as we have done since inception,” Marketing Manager, N-Joy, Suren Fernando said.

The company is also into the export market, and there is a growing demand for its products.

Adamjee Lukmanjee & Sons (Pvt) Ltd. (ALS) is an exporter with a focus on quality, and maintains a fully equipped, modern, in-house laboratory to ensure 100% quality assurance. While the brand N-Joy is certified by the Sri Lanka Standard Institute (SLSI) to the SLS32 standard, the company adheres to the ISO 22000 food safety management system, he said.

“We make our products in a modern production facility equipped well to ensure the highest standard of product safety without the use of a chemical or physical refining process. ALS has been a pioneer in producing good quality white coconut oil. This has been achieved through working with the supply chain to produce good quality copra, without the need to use chemical or physical refining process,” ALS, QA and R&D Manager Saliya Silva said.

The white coconut oil, certified by the SLSI, is an entirely natural creation. Themed ‘Danna Ayata’ (For those who know) the relaunch of the brand features its brand ambassador, actress Pooja Umashankar and her mother.

The Company has held on to traditions and manufactures pure white coconut oil. N-joy pure white coconut oil has been a trusted product since it was first introduced to the market in 2001.

N-Joy, is a natural, edible grade oil manufactured without undergoing any chemical processes or high heat treatment. It is not refined, bleached or deodorised (RBD). With a re-surgence in the ‘healthiness’ of coconut the world over, this product gives the consumer all the attributes of coconut in its purest, unadulterated form. N-Joy coconut oil is cholesterol free and contains no trans fat. Double Palm brand, the company’s longstanding trademark for ‘roasted’ coconut oil enjoys a loyal niche market in South Asia; mostly used as a premium hair oil.

The company’s manufacturing plant in Pannala is an ‘AA’ grade BRC (‘British Retail Consortium’) certified facility which produces virgin coconut oil and other coconut products for the export market.

The company plans to launch a range of new products in the near future, including virgin coconut oil and nutritional products to the Sri Lankan market.

ALS is a pioneer manufacturer and exporter of coconut products and spices with a heritage over 150 years in Sri Lanka, having consistently maintained the position as one of the largest exporters of combined coconut kernel products.

ALS’s new processing facility for virgin coconut oil, in the heart of the coconut triangle, is a modern, well designed food processing plant and an ‘AA’ grade BRC (‘British Retail Consortium’) certified facility.

With the fast gaining acceptance of virgin coconut oil being one of the healthiest oils in the world, ALS is poised to bring its superior product to the world market. ALS’ commitment towards R&D, will soon bring to the market more innovative solutions in coconut products.

ALS is one of the top-three exporting companies in Sri Lanka for desiccated coconuts. A significant part of ALS Group’s business is import and plays an important role in the animal feed market by importing and distributing soya bean meal and other animal feed ingredients to small and medium scale self-mixing poultry farmers.