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The Enchanted Table and other stories

14 July, 2019

The Enchanted Table and other stories by Enid Blyton is a collection of fifteen short stories titled The Enchanted Table, Andrew's Robin, Trundle Goes Out to Tea, When the Donkey Sneezed, The Big Red Engine, The Little Pig Who Squealed, The Girl Who Was Left Behind, The Clown's Little Trick, A Coat for the Snowman, The Cat Without Whiskers, The Two Cross Boys, The Little Chocolate Man, The Cross Shepherd, Little Mister Sly and Slowcoach Sammy.

The Cross Shepherd is about a little boy Dick who goes on a drive in his little car to a field nearby to play with the lambs. Dick leaves his car outside the gate and goes into the field. The lambs are friendly with Dick and go running to him and he picks up a lamb and hugs it. The shepherd who is very cross to see Dick playing with the lambs shouts at him and tells him to leave the field.

Dick leaves the field immediately and drives into the village and comes to a bridge over a stream where he sees a lamb struggling in the stream. Dick wades into the water and rescues the lamb and takes it to the cross shepherd to whom it belongs. The shepherd apologises to Dick for his rude behaviour and invites Dick to come and play with the lambs every day.

The Enchanted Table is about an antique magical table which belongs to a tailor and his wife who do not know about its magical powers until one day an old man who visits the tailor tells them about it and teaches them a spell. The old man also tells the tailor and his wife to treat the table kindly which they do not do, and as a result, the table leaves their house and has an unpleasant adventure before he finally finds a home in an old furniture shop where he lives a quiet and happy life.

Reviewed by Hannah William