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Name these saltwater fish

14 July, 2019

Would you rather be a fish? Dive in and treat yourself to a fun and fishy five-minute challenge!

Some of these fish can be found in shallow coastal waters and others way down deep in the open seas — so deep that not even light from the sun can get to them and so deep that quite often humans actually know very little about them. There are quite a few which are familiar, such as the ones commonly used for food or hunted for sport. A number of them are also kept as pets in marine aquaria. Are any of their names swimming around in your head? Get started and see if they made it into the quiz!



1: Atlantic bluefin tuna

Atlantic bluefin tuna are among the largest and fastest fish in the world. They are specially shaped for speed, with streamlined torpedo-shaped bodies which seem to slice right through the water. Together, Atlantic bluefin tuna and Pacific bluefin tuna are referred to as Northern bluefin tuna.


2: Humpback Anglerfish

The scary-looking humpback anglerfish might not seem to gruesome to prey since it lives in complete darkness in the depths of the ocean. In these deep regions where sunlight simply cannot penetrate, the humpback anglerfish's lure glows in the darkness as a way to attract prey and potential mates!


3:Royal Gramma

This brilliantly colored two-tone fish measures just about three inches and is a popular addition to marine aquaria. Due to its peaceful nature, it is best to keep royal gramma with similarly docile fish. In the wild, it occurs naturally in reefs of the tropical western regions of the Atlantic Ocean.


4: Lionfish

The aggressive lionfish also goes by the names zebrafish, firefish and turkeyfish. Although it is extremely poisonous, the lionfish is quite edible when properly prepared and reportedly has a delicate flavor! It is native to the Indo-Pacific but is an invasive species in areas such as the Caribbean.


5: Barracuda

The barracuda is a large fish which can grow up to six feet long. It is found mostly in warm waters and tends to stay in areas, such as reefs, which have plenty of prey. The barracuda's few predators include large sharks, killer whales and humans, who hunt them both for sport and as a source of food.


6: Swordfish

The swordfish stands out among other billfish (such as marlin and spearfish) because it has a much longer and flatter snout. It can grow up to 15 feet long with one-third of that length being its sword! In many regions, swordfish are sought after as both sport and food.

1. Can you identify this large apex predator which has a very close relative named after the Pacific Ocean?


*Japanese butterfish

*Foxface rabbitfish

*Atlantic bluefin tuna

* Dusky farmerfish

2. This deep ocean fish is named for its bent appearance and the lure it waves to catch prey. Do you know it?

* Humpback anglerfish

* Needlefish l Barreleye

*Smalltooth sawfish

3. One name for this beautifully colored fish is the fairy basslet. Can you name its more regal-sounding name?

*Butterfly perch l Royal gramma

*Copperband butterflyfish


4. This stripy, spiky fish from the Indo-Pacific waters goes by several names. Can you guess its feline-inspired name?

*Striped goatfish

* Largetooth sawfish

* Lionfish

* Atlantic blue marlin

5. This large fish has piranha-like teeth in its massive jaws. Can you identify it?

* Parrotfish l Barracuda

*Rock goby l Sea lamprey

6. Do you recognise this large saltwater fish whose snout can grow up to one-third its entire body length?

* Toadfish

*Leaping bonito

* Bullethead rockskipper

* Swordfish